Small Ruminants

The sheep and goats we care for come from herds and flocks that range from a few pets or 4-H project to larger hobby farms. No matter the size, we are dedicated to giving them the same quality of care we provide to all of our patients.

We provide a variety of services including:

Herd Health

Wellness Care

Feet Care and Hoof Trimming

Deworming and Parasite Prevention


Herd Management Consulting

Sick Patient Care

In house diagnostics

Laboratory Testing (specific disease testing, bloodwork, fungal & bacterial cultures)

Mastitis culture and milk quality assessment

Hospitalization if necessary


Disbudding (recommended as soon as the bud is noticed approximately 2 weeks)



Mass Removal

Laceration Repairs

Health Certificates

Patient must have an exam for health certificate to be written.

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